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Motivating the people who come to work is hard, 70% of the workforce is not fully engaged.[1] Gallup Report - State of the American Workplace and Employee Engagement in U.S. Stagnant in 2015 When you share talent through xpolinate, you empower your talent to pursue their passion by helping them work for different organizations. Be good to your people and they will be good to you. This is contagious. Build a culture that creates a happy workforce and this will attract great people to work for you.

Foster an open talent economy, ideate with a diverse talent pool and build leaders of tomorrow.


Collaboratewith Businesses

Collaborate with business

Why collaborating matters

Convergence is rapidly occurring in many different business domains and dimensions. In an increasingly digital and inter connected world its clear that businesses that closely collaborate with each other create more value and wealth. 78% of large companies affirm the importance of collaboration. If all organizations collaborated at optimized levels we could raise global output by almost US$1.5 trillion, representing uplift to current world GDP of 2.2%.[2] Accenture DCI Report - Accenture Digital Collaboration Index Report 2015 Think about it!

Xpolinate to discover new business partners, collaborators and build alliances to complement your expertise. Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. Open your business to new possibilities by gaining access to new skills, ideas, talent and markets. Accelerate innovation and drive growth.

It’s already happening... collaborate and be in good company.

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